Oaklawn's Sunday Debut Loks Like an Odds-on Favorite

From Associated Press

For a Sunday, it was a great Friday, Oaklawn Park General Manager Eric Jackson said.

It was the first-ever regularly scheduled Sunday racing program at Oaklawn Park, Jackson said, and Sunday's numbers--16,921 people wagering $2,179,161--met track officials' "most optimistic expectations," Jackson said.

"We looked at what we did last year on Fridays and weekdays in February," Jackson said. "Compared to almost any yardstick, this was a tremendous day for us."

Legislation approved last year cleared the way for local-option Sunday racing. After voters approved it, the track added two Sundays.

"Last year, we did $1.8 million on opening Friday, $1.9 million the next one, $1.4 the next one, $1.7, $1.8."

"Gosh, for early in February, this is a big day," Jackson said.

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