COUNTYWIDE : Fee Increases at Airports Studied

Parking and landing fees at Ventura County's two public airports will rise if a budget under consideration by the airport authorities is adopted.

Aircraft landing fees would increase a minimum of $4 to $5, and auto parking fees would rise from 75 cents to $1 a day under the proposal.

Members of the Oxnard and Camarillo aviation advisory commissions met last week to consider the budget request for the upcoming fiscal year.

These and other increases would bring airport fees in line with fees at nearby airports, said Austin Cline, the administrative officer who presented the budget proposal.

Oxnard would spend $1.8 million and Camarillo would spend $3.4 million under the proposed budget plan. Total revenues are projected at $4.7 million: $1.5 million for Oxnard, $3.2 million for Camarillo.

Income is derived at each airport from landing fees, rents, fees for hangars and tie-downs.

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