OXNARD : Boy Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack

A 10-year-old Oxnard boy remained in satisfactory condition Sunday after being attacked by two pit bullterriers, authorities said.

Paul J. Lucero had to undergo surgery to his left leg and ankle and is expected to remain at St. John's Regional Medical Center for at least a week, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Lucero was attacked about 6:30 p.m. Thursday as he played with two other boys in the 800 block of West Cedar Court near Durley Park, Oxnard Police Lt. Gordon Hubbard said.

After the boys saw the dogs running toward them, they ran to the rear of a nearby apartment complex, Hubbard said. Lucero tried to climb a metal pole but was dragged down by the pit bulls.

One of the other boys who tried to help Lucero suffered a minor scratch to his left leg, Hubbard said. Wrestled to the ground, Lucero was unable to fend off the dogs as they tore at his leg.

"I thought I was going to die," Lucero said from his hospital bed. His mother, Connie Lucero, stood nearby.

"I don't know why people want to have dogs like that," she said. "I think they should ban pit bulls in the county. I don't want this to happen to someone else. It is awful to go through."

With the help of the other two boys, police were able to find the owner and his dogs. The animals are being kept at the county animal shelter for observation for two weeks to determine whether they are rabid.

"I want to get a gun and kill them," the young boy said.

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