Latino Influx Brings Change to Huntington Park

I commend The Times for its well-researched articles on local communities and their problems. However, I am in disagreement with your reporters' assessment of the Community Congregational Church of Huntington Park as a dying institution.

It is true that if numbers alone are the basis of evaluation, this congregation is not thriving. But traditionally, another measure of the viability of a church is the portion of its resources that it gives to mission causes. This church, which owns no real estate, which pays a modest compensation to its part-time staff, gives nearly 50% of its budget to the work of the church beyond the borders of Huntington Park. This is the highest percentage of mission giving by any congregation in its denomination, the National Assn. of Congregational Christian Churches. There are different ways of "dying" and the church is undeniably involved in one of these. But there are also different ways of "living" and this congregation, through its giving, is significantly involved in one of these.

ED ROBERTS, Minister

Community Congregational Church

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