$1.3 Million OKd for Study of Lopez Dump

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday unanimously approved spending $1.3 million for additional study of plans for the Lopez Canyon Landfill, including the possibility of scaling down a proposed expansion.

Councilman Ernani Bernardi initially objected to the expenditure, saying that private consultants LeRoy Crandall and Associates were being reimbursed for some work they have already performed, but should not have undertaken without prior council approval.

But Bernardi joined his colleagues in approving the appropriation after learning that some of the money would go toward an analysis of rerouting the main road into the Lake View Terrace dump.

Moving that road would reduce dump visibility and noise problems for neighbors, but would decrease the amount of land available for the proposed expansion.

If that were done, the dump would be full by the year 2003, instead of being usable until 2005.

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