'Too Much' Gathers Not Enough for Some

In a letter on April 15, Jon K. Evans stated, "Hank Gathers died of greed" and berated The Times for the excellent, thoughtful, well-balanced, four-page article on Hank's life and tragic death. If Hank Gathers had been greedy, he would have opted for the NBA last year when he became only the second player in NCAA history to lead the nation in rebounding and scoring. He returned to school primarily because his mother wanted him to obtain his degree.

A greedy man would have taken the easy million-dollar insurance settlement. Hank was greedy only of electing to pursue his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA despite risks to his life. "A little too much on Hank Gathers," Mr. Evans? For those who knew him, watched him play, or merely read about him with compassion and understanding, four pages were not nearly enough.

JAMES J. SALZ, Los Angeles

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