Judge Slaps Gabor With Extra Hours of Service

From The Associated Press

An angry Beverly Hills Municipal Court judge ordered Zsa Zsa Gabor to perform 60 extra hours of community service Tuesday, saying fund raising at her Bel-Air mansion was not the way to serve time for slapping a policeman.

“If there is any violation of probation, County Jail will be the sanction,” Municipal Judge Charles Rubin warned.

He asked Gabor if she accepted his decision.

“Yes, what can I do?” Gabor said.


“You could go to jail. Do you want that?” the judge shot back.

“It’s outrageous,” the former Hungarian beauty queen later told about 80 reporters.

Gabor, 72, was sentenced last year to 120 hours of community service on her conviction of slapping a Beverly Hills motorcycle policeman who stopped her Rolls-Royce last June for expired registration tags.

Rubin originally ordered her to do the service at the Lower Income Elderly United Community Assistance Program in Venice, with the time to be completed by March 30.

Rubin ordered Tuesday’s hearing after he received a sparse account from the shelter’s executive director, Vera Davis, about how Gabor spent her time.

Davis said Gabor spent about 50 hours at the shelter and the rest of the time working from her Bel-Air mansion, organiz ing a June 8 fund-raiser for the shelter.

“It’s clear to me the defendant had a rather lax attitude about it,” Rubin said.

"(It) means nothing to Miss Gabor, buying community service hours. She is a wealthy person,” Rubin said after meeting with Gabor and her attorney, Harrison Bull, for 3 1/2 hours. “The primary motive was Miss Gabor’s promotion, and not fund raising.

“I repeated numerous times (at the original sentencing) that she perform community service at the center.”

Gabor later told reporters: “I served food. Why do I have to promote myself? I’m so damned famous it’s sickening.”

Rubin gave Gabor credit for 34 1/2 hours of community service time from her 120-hour sentence. He ordered her to serve the remaining 85 1/2 hours, plus 60 penalty hours.

“Miss Gabor must now document her community service time and there will be random, in-person verification,” the judge said.

The remaining 145 1/2 hours must be completed by Sept. 28 and the hours will be served at several agencies.

“You may not do any fund raising” as a part of the community service, the judge ordered.

“I don’t have any qualms with Miss Gabor’s assistance and fund raising,” said Deputy Dist. Atty. Elden Fox, but “there is an aspect of humility that goes along with this.”

He said community service usually includes handling telephones or serving food.