Warm Spring Weekend Due for County


The weekend weather is shaping up nicely for all outdoor activities.

After overcast skies and drizzly weather last weekend, this promises to be the first warm one in a while, said forecaster Wilbur Shigehara.

After morning clouds clear, “We will have lots of fair weather and sunshine.”

“This is very typical of May,” Shigehara said. “May and June are the cloudiest months of the year. A rule of thumb for newcomers to San Diego is the early summer months are the cloudiest months and the winter months are the sunniest. This is a paradox, but San Diego has lots of paradoxes. If we didn’t get low clouds in May and June, it would be strange.”


Residents should be aware that, as temperatures rise, the deserts will warm up even faster, he said. Temperatures there could top the 100-degree mark this weekend.

Temperatures across the county are right in line with the norm for this time of the year, said Shigehara. The normal high for Lindbergh Field is 68 degrees, and it was 68 Thursday. Today’s high may reach 70, rising a few degrees above that over the weekend.

At the beaches, temperatures will range 65 to 70 today, rising a couple of degrees over the weekend, Shigehara said. Breezes are 8 to 16 m.p.h., and the ocean temperature is 64 degrees. The surf is 2 to 3 feet.

In the coastal strip, a high of 68 to 74 is forecast for today, increasing to 69 to 76 over the weekend. Nighttime lows are expected to range from 53 to 60.

Inland areas will post highs of 75 to 83 degrees today, 77 to 83 on Saturday and as high as 90 on Sunday, Shigehara said. The temperature is expected to dip to 48 to 54 at night.

In the mountain, the weather will warm up to the low 70s today, and temperatures will inch up as high as 78 over the weekend, according to the forecast. The mountains will remain cold at night, with temperatures of 35 to 45 over the weekend.

In the deserts, temperatures are forecast to range from 93 to 98 today, increase to 95 to 100 Saturday and as high as 103 on Sunday. Night temperatures will decrease to 65 to 70.