BUENA PARK : Diseased, Destructive Trees on City Hit List

More than 300 trees have been marked for destruction as part of a plan to improve streets throughout the city.

Many of the trees are diseased and have damaged sidewalks, curbs and driveways, said Don Jensen, director of engineering services.

More than 200 notices were sent to property owners to inform them that trees near their homes would be destroyed. According to staff reports, only 21 residents requested that trees adjacent to their property not be removed.

This has resident Lynn Thomas upset. “The big problem is apathy,” said Thomas, a landscape architect. Thomas contends that the city is removing the trees in order to cut down on pruning costs. “I found little evidence of curbs or sidewalks being damaged,” he said.


In a crusade to save the trees, he went door to door asking people to call City Hall. A few people called, Thomas said, but “many of the people were not that upset about it.”

Trees are removed every 14 years as part of the engineering department’s efforts to resurface streets.

Other projects to be completed include sewer main repairs and traffic signal changes. Estimated cost of the tree removal is $51,000.