MISSION VIEJO : Council Votes to Educate Dog Owners

The City Council stepped carefully around enforcement of a dog-curbing ordinance this week, vetoing the use of police to enforce the law.

Instead, the council instructed city staff to develop an education program aimed at making dog owners more responsible for where their pets relieve themselves.

The council acted on complaints from residents who use Lake Mission Viejo, who claimed that dog owners are not cleaning up after their pets.

Mayor Christian W. Keena agreed, saying that he has seen similar incidents by the lake.


Dog owners allow their animals to “just do it, and then they walk away,” he said. “These people have no feeling for their fellow citizens.”

Citizens who violate the city dog-curbing law could be fined $100, City Atty. Scott Field said.

Dan Joseph, assistant city manager, said he would have a program ready by summer aimed at educating dog owners.