Vanna Fan Told to Stay Distant

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge today ordered an obsessed fan to stay at least 150 yards away from TV game show letter-turner Vanna White.

Judge Barry A. Taylor ordered Roger Davis, described in court papers as a former mental patient “obsessed” with White, to stay away from her for the next three years and not contact her at home or work.

The judge, however, denied a request by White’s lawyers to make the order permanent.

White, in court papers, said she first encountered Davis on the “Wheel of Fortune” set in April.


“A man in the audience, clothed in Army fatigues and wearing dog tags, jumped up screaming that my boyfriend was a dangerous man and a bad man associated with the Mafia, and that he, the man, would protect me,” White said in court documents.

Davis had to be escorted out of the studio. He returned several hours later, but studio guards forced him away.

White said she later learned Davis had been calling Merv Griffin Enterprises, producer of “Wheel of Fortune,” for some time, saying that he “wanted” White, “was going to marry” her, and that he was “meant to be with Vanna.”

White said that she feared for her life.