Jersey Burning

I don't have a son on Randy Pangborn's Little League team, but I know from living across the street from him for the past six years what kind of man he is.

I remember when our cat was stranded high in a tree at 11:30 p.m. and Randy volunteered his extension ladder and climbed through the trees for an hour to rescue her. I have watched him playing with his son and daughter in the cul-de-sac in front of our house almost daily. He's the first one to run over and offer help when he sees any one of his neighbors unloading something heavy or otherwise in need of help.

I've seen him come home, time after time, tired and dirty, after working all day on the Little League field. I've heard his wife complain about the hours of telephone calls he makes soliciting labor and materials for those fields.

Randy has been severely criticized for burning a Little League jersey, and he has publicly apologized. What is really unfortunate is that not one member of the Anaheim Hills Little League Board would publicly acknowledge any of the good that Randy Pangborn has accomplished. I think in all fairness they owe him that.


Anaheim Hills

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