Washington Driver Gets Earful of the New ‘California Attitude’

From United Press International

Washington natives who are vocal in their displeasure at the influx of Californians had better be more discreet or else start thinking defensively. Californians are fighting back.

A 31-year-old Seattle-area woman learned the hard way Tuesday when she yelled, “Go back to California” at a Jeep with California license plates that had cut her off.

The driver of the Jeep, a clean-cut guy about 35 wearing a tie, screeched to a halt, roared backward, jumped out screaming obscenities and pummeled her small truck, police said.


“I was so stunned that he would stop his vehicle and back up three car lengths, then start using the ‘f-word’ and other names. I thought I was dead. He did a beautiful karate kick to my truck,” the woman said.

The man drove off after the woman dialed 911 on her car phone, she said.

“California is nice . . . but I really think he had a California attitude. I guess I am biased toward them, especially after this.

“They ruined their own state and now they come up here and think they’re going to move us over with their rudeness and fast driving,” she said.