Pizza by Any Other Name Isn’t as Good and Cheap

Zubie’s? What kind of a name is that?

It’s a name that means great pizza at an excellent price, as the restaurant’s many customers and owner John Zubietta would be quick to tell you.

At Zubies, the pizzas come in one size only: large--between 16 and 17 inches. And you can get them with all the toppings your stomach can handle--pepperoni, anchovies, pineapple, you name it. And no matter how many of those toppings you choose, it will cost only $6.50 (plus tax) for the pie.

Even though Zubie’s is reasonably close to the beach, you won’t find flimsy “beach” pizza here. The crust is thick and doughy, and they slather it with enough tomato sauce to make it nice and moist. This stuff is good, really good.


Zubie’s parking lot is always crowded. Once you enter the place and smell their pizza, you’ll know why. The parlor is lined with picnic tables covered in red-and-white-checked tablecloths. It’s noisy, since everyone is either playing pool or one of their favorite video games. If video games aren’t your thing, you can always watch a ball game on one of the many television screens overhead.

If you also like to people-watch, Zubie’s is your kind of place. The crowd is made up of all types, from yuppies to surfers, young children to senior citizens. But the most interesting characters are the occasional bikers who come in for a 32-ounce bottled beer and a game of pool.

Don’t get this Zubie’s--located inside the Gilded Cage Bar--confused with Zubie’s Restaurant, which happens to be next door and is owned by the same people. The restaurant serves seafood, while Zubie’s Pizza mainly serves--you guessed it--pizza (though they also make spaghetti, submarines and antipasto-style salads).

You won’t find candles on the tables or cloth napkins here. But if you are looking for tasty pizza at a great price, this is the place for you.


Zubie’s Pizza, 1714 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa. (No phone.) Open 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.