They Can Dish It Out in Duarte If They Just Hide Offenders

Don't touch that dial. The Duarte City Council has just legalized rooftop satellite dishes.

Television aficionados may now erect rooftop satellite dishes if they screen the contraptions from neighbors' view.

The City Council on Tuesday gave its final approval to an ordinance legalizing screened rooftop satellites that do not exceed 6 feet in diameter. The action modifies the city's original satellite ordinance, passed in 1984, which allowed only ground-mounted antennas in side or rear yards.

The new law, however, still gives preference to ground-mounted dishes, allowing residents to place them on roofs only when other placement is not feasible.

Ed Cox, Duarte director of community development, said technology has changed since the early 1980s, allowing smaller satellite dishes that are easier to hide from public view and safer to mount on rooftops.

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