Eh, What's Up, Doc?

Though production wrapped this summer on "Box Office Bunny," Bugs Bunny fans will have to keep waiting for the five-minute cartoon scheduled to coincide with Bugs' 50th anniversary. It still has no release date.

"It needs to be attached to the right movie," explains a spokesman for Warner Bros.--meaning a family film.

Likely contenders: one of the studio's holiday pictures, which include the Dan Aykroyd-Chevy Chase-John Candy comedy, "Valkenvania," and the animated feature "The Nutcracker Prince."

"Box Office Bunny" has the kwazy wabbit going into action when a multiplex movie house is built over his hole. Co-starring Elmer Fudd as an usher, and Daffy Duck as an irascible duck, with voices by Jeff Bergman, it marks the first Bugs short to be released theatrically in 26 years. Or maybe it will be 27.

Meanwhile, another cottontail continues his big screen spree, as work is under way at Disney on Roger Rabbit's third cartoon short, "Hare in My Soup." It's due next year.

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