OF, BY AND FOR THE CHILDREN : Not soap--but kids clean up at ‘The All American Soap Box Derby’ on Nick


What has four wheels, goes really fast, and leaves behind a trail of I suds?

Actually, nothing. But soap box racers probably come closest to that description. See for yourself with Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery: The All American Soap Box Derby, in which contestants ages 11 to 17 gather in Akron, Ohio, to race for scholarships and prizes.

This year’s winner was Sami Jones of Salem, Ore., with Danny Groth of Flint, Mich. taking second.


The high-speed sports spectacular was taped Aug. 11-13 and shows that even though soap-box derbies have been going on from time immemorial, the sport is far from being all washed up.

“Special Delivery: The All American Soap Box Derby” Sunday at 3 p.m., Nickelodeon. For all ages.

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