Mayor Pizzorno Deserves Plaudits

On Nov. 27, 1990, at the regular City Council meeting, Ed Pizzorno will officially relinquish his post as mayor of Montebello. In our city, each council member rotates, serving as mayor for a year. This was Councilman Pizzorno’s first opportunity to serve as mayor, and he should be commended and congratulated by every resident of Montebello for doing an outstanding job.

Pizzorno became mayor after two very controversial and emotionally charged years for our city, which included an attempt to recall four City Council members (the entire council with the exception of Pizzorno) and the eminent domain issue. As mayor, Pizzorno has truly helped to heal our city. I have continued to attend regular City Council meetings, and I’ve observed our mayor keep complete control of the proceedings without being domineering, abusive and without talking down to anyone.

Besides controlling the audience, Mr. Pizzorno was able to bring a sense of togetherness and even some lighthearted humor out among most of his colleagues on the council. The ability to work with people and to be able to communicate with people is very important in an elected official, and Pizzorno possesses this trait to the benefit of the people of Montebello.

It’s been a refreshing and well-needed year for our city, and Mayor Ed Pizzorno can surely take the credit for that.




Salazar, a marketing consultant, ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 1989.