Carlsbad Boots Opportunity to Stop Ramona Ground Game


With four minutes gone in the second quarter and Carlsbad trailing Ramona by seven, the Lancers decided to attempt a fake field goal.

One problem. Place holder Mike Gallardi's lateral went awry and so too did Carlsbad's hopes of advancing to the 2-A semifinals.

Although it may have been to early to attempt a trick play, the reason behind Carlsbad Coach Rick Brown's decision became evident when Ramona took over and went 59 yards in seven plays for its second touchdown.

Ramona won, 21-7, but the score did not indicate the extent to which the Bulldogs dominated.

The Bulldogs gained 127 yards on 24 carries in the first half, then continued on the ground for 137 yards on 23 carries in the second half.

Carlsbad only could gain 39 yards rushing on 14 carries in the first half. Carlsbad quarterback Bryan Byrne did not complete any passes in the first half. He completed three of 15 passes for 35 yards overall.

Ramona (7-5) advances to the semifinals Friday against Kearny at a site yet to be determined.

"It's nice to be in the semis," Ramona Coach Mel Galli said. "Too bad it has to be against Kearny."

Well, not really. The Bulldogs showed that they have some offensive weapons in this victory.

Sarn Salmon ran 25 times for 144 yards, but he was not Ramona's lone weapon.

Luis Ethington, a guy who has been a running back for three weeks, scored two touchdowns and gained 45 yards on eight carries.

Tom Smith scored one touchdown, gaining 51 yards on eight carries.

"Our guys were just a little more physical up there," Galli said. "We made it on the backs of our offensive line."

Ramona's offensive linemen, however, were not the only over-sized players out there. The Bulldogs' running backs also carry a lot of weight. Salmon is the smallest at 177 pounds. Smith weighs in at 233 pounds and Ethington at 201.

"You've been feeding those guys quite a bit," someone told Galli afterward.

"Yeah, I've been feeding them," he quipped. "I've been feeding them gasoline."

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