ANAHEIM : Train Kills Man Walking Near Track

An Amtrak train struck and killed an unidentified man Friday morning as he walked along the Santa Fe Railroad tracks just south of Orangethorpe Avenue in Anaheim, a police spokesman said.

Sgt. Jim Moore said the victim, whose name is unknown, had been walking south along the tracks with an acquaintance near the 800 block of Orangethorpe when he was hit by the northbound train.

A witness, Javier Sagrero of Fullerton, told police the victim was an acquaintance but was unable to provide his name or address.

“He (Sagrero) left the victim to talk to someone else and when he returned the train had gone past and the victim was no longer standing where he had left him,” Moore said.


Sagrero told police he then saw the victim’s body lying approximately 50 yards north of where he had left him, the police spokesman said.

“We believe the victim attempted to cross the tracks in front of the Amtrak train, but for some reason did not see the train coming,” Moore said.