It’s one of the most inspiring survival...

It’s one of the most inspiring survival stories of the year.

The Elvis Head float lives--in Jackson, Miss.

The floral noggin, which rode on Mississippi’s entry in the 1990 Rose Parade, gained international attention when it was later towed to Graceland by KLOS-FM disc jockeys Mark and Brian, then deposited in Jackson.

“It still looks good,” said a Jackson official who asked to remain anonymous so he won’t get a call from Graceland officials, who are still angry over the odyssey.


The float’s beauty secret lies in its composition of seeds and shells, which are less perishable than flowers.

And where is it?

“It was sold to a scrap yard for $13.10,” the Jackson official said. “But the workers didn’t want to scrap it. So it’s still here. In fact, they eat lunch by it every day.”

More good news: The nation’s first Junk Mail Museum will open in Studio City Jan. 14. It’ll be housed in a fine example of junk architecture, a mini-mall.

Despite filling a burning need for people interested in ads mailed out a quarter-century ago, founder Warren Meyer encountered a few setbacks after announcing the project six months ago.

First, during the refurbishing, the former owner of the building inadvertently threw out several of Meyer’s paint cans.

Next, his shrine went unmentioned in Time magazine’s cover story on junk mail.

Finally, publicist Mike Venema admits, junk mail cover boy Ed McMahon so far has been “reticent to commit to attending.”


Meyer still holds out hope that he’ll be able to intone: “H-e-e-r-e-'s Ed!”

Add community service: Those wishing to route their junk mail to the museum for consideration can send it to 12265 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, Calif. 91604. Address it to Occupant.

We mentioned Friday that L.A. officials still haven’t decided whether to fine Cyndi Mitchell of Westchester for posting 500 lost-dog notices on public signs last week. The maximum fine is $1,000.

West Hollywood City Councilman Paul Koretz says that his city is taking action, however. The council has agreed to make an exemption in that city’s sign ordinance for lost-animal notices.


Koretz points out that West Hollywood was the first city in the state to declare itself an Animal-Cruelty Free Zone.

Jury selection had been under way for a day and a half before the out-of-court settlement was reached in the Passion perfume beef between Liz Taylor and ex-love Henry Wynberg.

Most startling remark by a jury candidate came from a man who commented that he had seen most of the 58-year-old star’s “silent movies.”

Either he’s got the wrong star, or he needs to have his TV fixed.



Richard M. Nixon was grand marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1960. The parade theme was “Tall Tales and True.”