IRVINE : Police Reserve Unit Called to Active Duty

Members of the 440th Military Police detachment based in Irvine are scheduled to report for active duty at the Army Reserve Center at Los Alamitos on Thursday to receive equipment and fill out paperwork before leaving for training at Ft. Ord.

The 10-member 440th, which specializes in detaining prisoners of war, consists mostly law enforcement officers who work for police departments in Orange County.

As many as 2,000 reservists from California, Nevada and Arizona have been called to active duty from the 63rd Army Reserve Command headquarters at Los Alamitos since the Persian Gulf crisis erupted in early August.

Ted Bartimus, a spokesman for the 63rd Army Reserve Command, said the small, Irvine-based unit was being called up “in support of Operation Desert Shield.” But he would not speculate on whether the detachment would be shipped to the Persian Gulf.


But Bartimus did say it would be about a week before the unit would leave the area for Ft. Ord in Northern California.