Acting Up : Movie: A 7-year-old chosen from 2,000-plus applicants to appear in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ is nonchalant about his star status.


Remone Bradley insists that he is not a terror in his second-grade classroom at Moffit Elementary School in Lennox. But he can certainly act that way.

In his first movie, Universal Pictures’ “Kindergarten Cop,” the 7-year-old Inglewood resident plays Irwin, one of the 30 screaming kindergartners who terrorize cop-turned-teacher Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger plays a hard-nosed police detective who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to track down the wife and son of a killer. The children are tougher for him to handle than any criminal.

“He doesn’t know anything about teaching,” Remone said as he viewed the recently released film from the back row of a theater at Del Amo Fashion Center. “He goes in there and everyone is surprised at how big he is. We’re very wild.”


Remone, chosen for the role from more than 2,000 young applicants, gets to scream, run around, tug at his teacher’s clothes and sit on a piano in the classroom. His father, Kirby Bradley, said that in real life Remone raises his hand in class and is considered by his teachers to be well-behaved.

Although some of his Lennox classmates have asked for his autograph at school, Remone reacts to his new status as an actor with nonchalance.

“He’s such a laid-back guy,” said his father, a construction worker. “It’s hard to get him excited.”

Remone doesn’t consider himself a movie star, and although he regards “Kindergarten Cop” as a funny movie, his favorite film starring Schwarzenegger is still the more action-packed “Commando.”


The movie business, he said, is “hard because you have to do it over and over and over until you get it right.”

Remone’s career began three years ago when his family moved to Inglewood from St. Louis. His father, convinced that Remone’s good looks and precocious nature were unique, got in touch with an agent, and Remone won brief spots on a Burger King commercial and a public service announcement.

In his first film, Remone put in long days at Universal Studios during last summer’s filming. There were child-care workers on the set and an enclosed play area next to the stage to keep the children occupied.

Although Remone is pursuing other acting roles and his father considers him a natural who will go “quite a ways” in the movie business, Remone has other long-term plans.

“When I grow up,” he said, “I want to be a basketball player.”