23 Reported Injured as Van Broadsides Bus at Intersection : Accident: Fourteen people are taken to hospitals. None are seriously hurt.


A van ran a stop sign and broadsided an RTD bus in the City Terrace area Tuesday, injuring 23 people, including 14 who were hospitalized with minor cuts, bruises and other injuries, Los Angeles County Fire Department officials said.

The crash occurred at 1:50 p.m. near the intersection of Floral Drive and Marianna Avenue, said California Highway Patrol officer James Szabo.

The bus was traveling east on Floral Drive when the yellow van, heading north on Marianna Avenue, drove through the intersection, said Szabo.

The bus was struck just behind the driver’s seat, he said. A preliminary analysis of skid marks showed that the van was traveling about 30 m.p.h., said Szabo.


No arrests had been made late Tuesday and the cause of the collision was under investigation.

County Fire Department spokeswoman Nancy Alvarez said paramedics took 14 people--including two from the van--to area hospitals for medical treatment. The injured ranged in age from a 1-year-old boy to an 81-year-old man.

Fire officials said three people were taken to County-USC Medical Center with minor shoulder, back, neck and arm pain. Three others were taken to Santa Marta Hospital with neck and back pain.

Four were taken to East Los Angeles Doctors’ Hospital for back pain, and one person was sent to Monterey Park Hospital for weakness and dizziness. Three others, who suffered minor neck and back pain, went to White Memorial Medical Center.


Alvarez said nine people suffered less serious injuries and did not require hospital care.