After the Super Bowl, Museum Will Make a Fitting Tribute

If you visit only one athletic shoe museum this year, make it the one in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

That’s where the shoe company that spells its name without a capital letter will display Matt Bahr’s shoes from Super Bowl XXV.

The museum contacted the New York Giants’ kicker after he made five field goals, including the winner as the game ended, to defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 15-13, for the NFC championship last Sunday. But Bahr wasn’t ready to part with his shoes, not yet.

Said Bahr: “I was surprised and honored by their request. I told (the museum people) they could have the shoes, but not until Jan. 28.”


Add shoes: Waiting until Monday makes even more sense when you look at Bahr’s break-in routine.

Said Bahr: “I buy them a size and a half too small and then soak them in water. I jog around in them barefoot until they dry and conform to the shape of my foot.”

Trivia time: Name the golfer who has won the most PGA Tour statistical category titles--10 for driving accuracy, three for greens in regulation and one for scoring.

The rematch: Southern California becomes a focal point of American tennis this afternoon when Sampras plays Agassi at UCLA’s Sunset Canyon facility.


UCLA senior Stella Sampras, an All-American and the sister of U.S. Open champion Pete Sampras, will take on Nevada Las Vegas junior Susan Agassi, cousin of U.S. Open runner-up Andre Agassi, when their teams meet at 1:30.

A day to retire: Grateful recipients of the 1991 Goodyear Racing Calendar, beware. Don’t be fooled by “Sept. 31.”

The company sent out a warning: “Sept. 31 coincides with Oct. 1. Use of Sept. 31 for personal reasons will obliterate Oct. 1, an otherwise perfectly ordinary, workaday Tuesday.”

Agent-o-phobia: Manny Hazard, who caught 220 passes in the University of Houston’s run-and-shoot offense the last two seasons, said this week that his success has taken him by surprise.

Preparing for today’s East-West Shrine football game at Stanford, Hazard told reporters: “I hadn’t even thought about getting an agent. I never thought I’d be in this position. It’s a scary thing.”

Hard-nosed performer: They set up two goal posts 50 feet apart on Main Street in Hornell, N.Y., Thursday night so that about 1,000 Buffalo Bill fans could watch sportswriter Rob Roberts of the Hornell Evening Tribune pay his debt to society.

In September, Roberts wrote: “I like the Bills as much as anybody, but I’ve gotta be realistic. This is not a Super Bowl team, folks. In fact, if these guys get to the Super Bowl, I’ll push a peanut down Main Street with my nose.”

Add sportswriter: Roberts, who said, “I really didn’t scrape (my nose) too bad,” predicted that the Bills would defeat the New York Giants, 28-24, in Super Bowl XXV. But he made no promises.


Trivia answer: Calvin Peete.

Quotebook: Coach Tom Watt of the Toronto Maple Leafs, on why he would like to acquire a quality center: “We don’t need any more spare parts.”