Pacific Storm to Cool Off Weekend

The weekend will bring a change in the weather and a chance of rain, forecaster Wilbur Shigehara says.

The weather has been warm and sunny all week, but a storm that dumped most of its rain on Hawaii is headed this way, said Shigehara, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in San Diego.

The storm is dying, but it may have enough rain clouds to cast a pall of clouds and early-morning drizzle over San Diego this weekend, he said. With the cloud cover, daytime temperatures will struggle to reach the upper 70s, he said.

"We have a storm block over the West Coast because of the high pressure that has been here since 1986, but the high pressure does go away for a short while and a storm will come in," Shigehara said. At the very least, "the storm sneaking in from Hawaii will bring night and morning clouds, and then the weather will start to improve by Monday."

This weekend's rain may turn out to be little more than a heavy morning mist, he said. But the beach areas won't see much sun today or Saturday. Temperatures will range from 58 to 62, not much higher than the water temperature of 59 degrees. Surf will roll in at 2 to 4 feet.

In coastal areas, Saturday promises to be the cloudiest day of the weekend. Temperatures today through the weekend are expected to range from 65 to 70 and drop to 48 to 52 at night. Inland areas will see highs of 70 to 77 and lows of 40 to 50, Shigehara said.

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