Man Leaving Narcotics Anonymous Group Slain

One of three men who accosted another man shot and killed the victim as he left a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in a Crenshaw district park, authorities said Wednesday.

The victim, Charles L. Young Jr., 22, of the Mid-City area, was among a group of people attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at Jim Gilliam Park Recreation Center in the 4000 block of South La Brea Avenue, Detective Paul Mize said. Young was among a group of people who left the building about 9:25 p.m.

"He got outside and was standing in front of the building, apparently waiting for someone, when he was approached by three young men," Mize said. "We're not sure what touched this thing off," Mize said. "One of the three men produced some type of handgun and fired a number of shots. The victim was hit once. He ran a short distance to the parking lot, where he collapsed."

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