Songbird: Tammy Faye Bakker is scheduled to...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Songbird: Tammy Faye Bakker is scheduled to sing in Wichita, Kan., April 5 in her first concert since the 1989 fraud conviction of her husband, Jim. Friends convinced her that a concert in Wichita might not attract too many of those big-city media types with their smart remarks. Meanwhile, Jim Bakker is in prison awaiting a new sentence after an appeals court threw out his 45-year prison sentence for the smart remarks he made to his followers while defrauding them.

Light Weight: Americans prefer blondes--even in kindergarten, said Dr. Joyce Brothers: “We’ve been conditioned to consider blondes lovelier. Even in kindergarten, studies show that eight out of 10 boys and girls will paint the little girl’s hair blond,” she said in a magazine interview. “Preferences start very early.” Psychologist Thomas Cash agreed: “There continues to be a real romance in our culture with blondes.”

New Score: An analysis of a skull believed to be Mozart’s indicates the composer may have died from a head injury rather than rheumatic fever, as previously believed. French scientists recently found a healed fracture--of the type that could have been caused by a fall--on the left temple of the purported skull of Mozart, retrieved from a Viennese cemetery. Mozart died at age 35 on Dec. 5, 1791.

Dressed Up: Conservative dresser Alma Powell, wife of Gen. Colin Powell, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, marched onto the list of the world’s best dressed women late last week, along with actress Julia Roberts, who was dubbed “the style icon of the year.” The International Best Dressed list also included Laura Montalban, daughter of film star Ricardo Montalban, and fashion designer Carolyne Roehm.