Psychic Bond Featured in Suspense Novel


“Something’s Calling Me Home,” Mission Viejo author Maxine O’Callaghan’s third suspense/horror novel, has just been published by Pocket Books.

O’Callaghan set the book in the area of western Tennessee, southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas where she grew up.

The story, as O’Callaghan explains it, deals with two very young children who form a psychic bonding, then are separated and grow up knowing nothing of each other.

Years later something very traumatic happens to one of them, the link gets re-established, and one of the children psychically “calls” to the other for help.


O’Callaghan won’t reveal much about the plot but, as she said in her first-person article in Mystery Scene magazine in January, “it includes storm cellars, snakes, one of those tacky tourist-trap alligator farms sans alligator, and the deep, dark, terrible Mississippi itself.”

Also just out in paperback is O’Callaghan’s “Hit and Run,” which originally was published in 1989 by St. Martin’s Press in hardcover.

This is the third in O’Callaghan’s series featuring Orange County private investigator Delilah West. The fourth, “Set-Up,” is due out in November.