College Award Winners Named by TV Academy


Students from USC, Loyola Marymount University, New York University, Columbia University, the American Film Institute and the Pratt Institute will be honored March 10 by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as winners of its 12th annual college television awards.

The academy named three winners in both the entertainment division and the information division. Each winning entry gets a $2,000 prize. They were:

Entertainment: Denise McKenna and Mark Squier of the American Film Institute for the drama “The Blue Men”; Rod Cohen of Loyola Marymount for the comedy “The Howie Rubin Story,” and Peter Palmer of the Pratt Institute for the musical comedy “West Side Waiter.”


Information: Tara Belkin of USC for the educational program “The Potters of Buur Heybe, Somalia”; Kyle Boyd of New York University for the documentary “Side Tracks,” and Cathryn Garland, Carolyn Grifel, Chris Riback, Leigh Marcous-Devine and Pamela Grant Goldman of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for the public-affairs program “Who’s Going to Care for These Children?”

Second-place finishers, who each received a $1,000 prize, included Elise Fried of USC for the documentary “Do You Take This Man: Pakistani Arranged Marriages”; Shoreen Maghame and David Shafie of Cal State Northridge, for the public-affairs program “Between the Cracks,” and Patricia Lok of San Diego State for the music video “Charlie.”