KABC Treatment of Anti-War Rallies

As an independent voter unaffiliated with any political party, I have found KABC News to be not perfect but among the more independent or middle-of-the-road of our local television newsrooms. It is not surprising, therefore, that Howard Rosenberg thereby should designate Channel 7 as being "skewed toward conservatism," which, presumably, he considers pejorative.

We now have the fascinating spectacle of an "enlightened liberal" chastising a news agency for exercising its editorial judgment in a way that he finds uncongenial.

Poor Rosenberg--he must be nearly suicidal now over all the coverage of the extraordinary successes of the allied coalition forces against Iraq. Think of it! Kuwait has been liberated, and the liberation was covered, even on CNN, without even one "anti-war" spokesperson being interviewed to offer "balance" and tell us why it was a bad idea. It is little wonder that Rosenberg seems to yearn for the happier days of Vietnam when things were going mostly his way.


Redondo Beach

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