Majority Rules

Mark Petracca finally did it. After months and months of ignoring his irrational ramblings, his March 3 letter (" . . . Is the Majority Always Right?") finally made me head for the computer.

Democracy is not dead--but not because Mark Petracca isn't trying. Now, according to him, the majority is not always right, and we should find an alternative when the majority doesn't agree with Mr. Petracca's beliefs.

The Times poll results on the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor was only a reaffirmation of a similar poll taken in the city of Irvine, which actually changed then-Mayor Larry Agran's stance against the corridor. When he realized the "majority" wanted the corridor and would support the city backing it, Mayor Agran then agreed to join the Transportation Corridor Agency.

According to Mr. Petracca's beliefs, though, his mentor was wrong, and we have to stop this movement.

Since I was old enough to know the difference, I knew that our country's democratic process may not have been perfect, but democracy and the majority rule was better than the alternatives.


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