South Pasadenans Differ Over Freeway Extension Issue

I am one of many homeowners in South Pasadena who are in favor of the much-needed completion of the 710 freeway. To my mind, it is an indictment of the courage of public officials that such a critical link in our freeway system could be held up all these years by a small but very vocal group of self-centered South Pasadenans.

The finishing of the 710 would have tremendous beneficial influence on a number of towns and cities now flooded with surface traffic, would significantly shorten the commute of thousands of motorists every day and would even have a positive environmental impact in that many thousands of gallons of fuel, possibly millions annually, could be saved by eliminating unnecessary miles of driving because of this “missing link” in the system.

Any change which benefits the common good and promotes the general welfare may have a negative effect on a small portion of citizens. This is part of the price we pay to enjoy the privileges of living in a society. The same people who oppose the 710 completion take daily advantage of the freeways already built through towns and cities no less important than South Pasadena.

I urge you to make a serious effort to discover just how many of the homeowners and other residents of South Pasadena are in favor of the 710, and of its completion as quickly and economically as possible.



South Pasadena