Quibbles & Bits

. . . In last week’s roundup of star-studded Oscar parties, we omitted two Oscar-viewing AIDS benefits taking place Monday night: A fund-raiser for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation will be held at the Directors Guild Theater (information: (213) 957-0047). The Children’s AIDS Center at Childrens Hospital is the beneficiary of this year’s Oscar night party at the Mondrian Hotel (information: (213) 471-6170, Ext. 25). Both are open to the public.

. . . The ads claim that martial artist Jeff Speakman makes his film “debut” with “The Perfect Weapon.” In fact, he starred in the erotic thriller “Side Roads” (1988), which goes straight to video this summer.

. . . Is there a Buddha movie in Warner Bros. future? The studio has registered a number of Buddha-related titles.