SPECIAL REPORT: Putting Down Roots : The Times Poll : How the Poll Was Conducted

The Los Angeles Times Poll results published in this section are based on separate polls conducted in North County and nationwide.

The Times interviewed 1,574 adult residents of the North County portion of San Diego Country, by telephone, Feb. 23-24. The nationwide survey was conducted by telephone among 1,671 adult Americans April 6-9.

The North County sample was selected from telephone exchanges in the area north of Miramar and Pomerado Roads and Genesee Avenue. Along the coast, Del Mar was the southernmost community included, while Ramona was the easternmost community sampled.

The nationwide sample was chosen from all residential telephone exchanges in the United States. In both surveys, random digit-dialing techniques were used to ensure that both listed and unlisted residences had an opportunity to be contacted.

Percentages based on the total sample in each poll have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. Error margins for percentages based on smaller sub-groups in either sample may be somewhat higher. Poll results are adjusted slightly to conform with census data on variables such as sex, race, age, education and household size.

Persons interviewed for the accompanying poll stories were among those who were polled, and who agreed to be interviewed for follow-up questions by a reporter.

John Brennan is director of The Times Poll. Susan Pinkus is Assistant Director.

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