Settlement Reached in Jail Infirmary Death

A woman whose husband died after being strapped to a cot for six days in the Los Angeles County Jail received a $120,000 damage payment from the county, and will receive $600 a month for the rest of her life beginning in October, 1992, according to a settlement agreement released Tuesday.

The agreement, which detailed the settlement for a lawsuit filed by Joyce Amiri, was previously withheld by county officials. The document was released Tuesday in response to a formal request by The Times.

Carl Bruaw suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism on July 3, 1989, in the Los Angeles County Jail infirmary after he was strapped to a cot for six days.

Amiri filed a civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit against the Sheriff's Department last May, contending that his death was the result of the extended period he spent with his arms and legs strapped down. The case was settled last month without a trial.

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