Sewn Up for Roberts’ Gown

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When Julia Roberts walks down the aisle with Kiefer Sutherland in June, her bridal gown will probably be as offbeat as her Oscar dress this year. She wore a high-necked, long-sleeved, monastic black frock by Los Angeles designer Richard Tyler. Listen has heard that Tyler--known for tailored suits, not Alencon lace and seed pearls--is up to bat again, this time to stitch the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

EXPIRATION DATE: With their colleagues nationwide dropping like the proverbial flies, a group of newsroom employees at the NBC bureau in Burbank mustered their blackest humor over the weekend and held a party to which guests were invited to come dressed for their next careers. One guest came as a homeless person, pushing a shopping cart, dragging a plastic garbage bag and “stealing” food from the tables. A woman came barefoot and pregnant.

THE BOD AND TODD: One of New York’s hottest young designers, Todd Oldham, has a big fan in “Thelma & Louise” star Susan Sarandon. She called to tell him how much she loved his whimsical, upbeat designs. Now she’s wearing Oldham for several public appearances. Sarandon showed up at the fashion industry benefit Love Ball Wednesday, escorted by Oldham and wearing the designer’s duds. She also wore his label for an appearance on the David Letterman show May 13. “She’s probably the coolest person I’ve ever met in my life,” says Oldham. “She’s so generous with her time and her celebrity. She’s also one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met.” COMMON THREADS: Summer movies could be the best place to see the latest by top ready-to-wear designers. Nino Cerruti gets credit for Bruce Willis’ shades-of-black wardrobe for “Hudson Hawk.” Kathleen Turner wears Cerruti’s short trench coats as a private eye in “Warshawski.” Michael J. Fox models the latest Giorgio Armani suits in “Doc Hollywood,” and Billy Crystal wears custom Armani casual wear for “City Slickers.” And it’s shades of “Dynasty” in “Soapdish,” opening next week. Nolan Miller designed the poufy, spoofy wardrobes of Sally Field and company.


E-Z IN, E-Z OUT: The sidewalk sale on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica last weekend was mayhem. Goldie Hawn showed her shopping smarts, though: She avoided the parking problem and crowded sidewalks by riding her bicycle. She stopped by the new Moselle on Montana store and bought a crinkle rayon coat by Farideh and a garden floral print dress by Varience. Declining a shopping bag, she stuffed her purchases into her backpack and pedaled on.

TANK SUIT AMNESIA: Misha Kalinina, the Soviet Union’s first beauty queen, finished third in the Miss Universe contest last week in Las Vegas. The 19-year-old beauty, who has her eye on Hollywood, says she is finished with pageant life: “The contest was a trampoline for my career. But I would never, ever do it again. Being in a bathing suit, you cannot think.”