OJAI : Abortion Foes Show Up at Doctor's Home

About 20 protesters picketed across the street from an Ojai doctor's house on Sunday, proclaiming that the physician's neighbors should know he performs abortions.

Dr. James Gay, who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic two mornings a month, declined to comment on the demonstration. But earlier this month, Gay asked the Ojai City Council to pass a law making it illegal to picket private residences.

He said that his family had become so upset after 16 protesters paraded in front of his house on Palm Sunday that it was forced to leave the residence for the day.

City officials said the matter is under review.

Protesters said they also will appear before the City Council to stick up for their First Amendment rights. Group members said they will picket Gay until he stops performing abortions.

"We feel that the public should know an abortionist lives here, and he is killing babies," said Clara Davis, a Camarillo woman who organized the demonstration. "We would like for him to stop killing babies."

Carrying signs that said "Abortion is murder" or showed graphic pictures of fetuses, adults and children paced a half-block stretch of road across from Gay's light pink ranch-style house for about two hours.

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