Travel Tip: Buy a Rock Band's Bus


The John H. Sununu travel problem could be solved if President Bush would just buy him a failed rock band's bus, David Brinkley mirthfully suggested Sunday.

In a commentary on ABC-TV's "This Week With David Brinkley," the newscaster said: "If President Bush is annoyed because Chief of Staff John Sununu uses government airplanes to fly around on personal business, uses government limousines for personal travel and keeps bumming free rides on jets owned by private corporations, here's how to stop him.

"Buy him a bus, like those used by rock stars. Paint his name on the side in big letters and psychedelic colors. Since rock bands often go broke when they haven't had a hit record in more than a week, some good used buses should be available for a lot less than a government jet, even a small one.

"Fix up the inside of his bus with a bed, a bathroom and a little kitchen. He could stop for groceries at the 7-Eleven, and then ride on to some big, important political meeting. If it's in a hotel, he wouldn't even need a room. He could sleep in his bus in the parking lot."

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