Connors Will Play TeamTennis, and There Are Strings Attached

Somewhat surprisingly, Jimmy Connors will play TeamTennis this summer, and he said recently that he will do so for two reasons.

"Part of it is that I want to play a lot and get a lot of court time while I'm working myself back from my wrist injury," he said. "And part of it is that, if I play, and now with Martina (Navratilova) playing, it adds some credibility to something Billie Jean King has been busting her back to make happen for 10 years."

Connors, who lives east of Santa Barbara in Santa Ynez, will play for the Los Angeles Strings, Navratilova for the Atlanta Thunder in the 11-team league, which will compete during a 3 1/2-week season starting in early July. Players the stature of Connors and Navratilova don't usually play in the post-Wimbledon period during which TeamTennis traditionally competes.

The Strings, whose team also includes John Lloyd, Robin White and Mary Lou Daniels, will open with home matches at the Forum July 10 and 11.

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