Pomona : City Studying Fire Services

The City Council, at the request of city firefighters, has asked for a study to determine whether the city could save money by contracting with the county for fire services.

Clifford Evans, president of the Pomona Fireman's Assn., said his group asked for the study as an outgrowth of the threatened layoff of firefighters during the council's budget deliberations.

The council recently considered--and then abandoned--plans to lay off 18 firefighters, opting to solve budget problems by raising taxes instead.

Nevertheless, Evans said firefighters are concerned about the city's financial future and would like to find out the impact of merging the city Fire Department into the county system.

The council has considered the issue before, but the most recent study was in 1986 and that data is outdated, Evans said.

The council at its Monday meeting voted 6 to 1, with Willie White dissenting, to instruct the city administrator to contract for a study to be funded by the association.

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