Council Criticized for Voting Itself a Raise

The Pasadena City Council performed what was a truly capricious and landmark action in their vote today to steal $3,000 per month each; $250,000 per year in aggregate, from the taxpayers for their part-time jobs as city council members.

This vote is exceptional especially for the rejection of Councilman Thomson's amendment which would have placed the issue before the citizens, citizens who have soundly defeated the idea on many occasions before. Instead the "trickery" of the unemployed Rick Cole was used to sneak the idea past the citizens under the guise of "community development." The only thing developed by this action is the bank accounts of the council members.

The trickery used to sneak the discussion past the public and approve this 1,000% stipend increase is malfeasance of the highest order. It subverts the will of the people and removes the city manager form of government from Pasadena without proper Charter amendment.

I would suggest that a recall of the affirmative voting council members--Cole, Hughston, Paparian and Richard--is now in order by their constituents.


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