Coming to the Defense of Westminster High

I am outraged that such a one-sided story was allowed to be printed. Granted, it certainly gave the Frankel family the publicity they sought, but what a disservice it did to the residents of Westminster and especially to the staff, students and parents associated with Westminster High School.

I am the mother of two sons. One graduated from WHS in 1990. He was in the honors program, student government and member of the football, soccer and volleyball teams. My second son will be a junior. He is in the honors program, several clubs and a member of the basketball and tennis teams.

I have been very pleased with the academic program at the school. The staff has been very supportive. I have never feared, nor have my sons ever feared, for their safety at Westminster High.

I believe in the "home school." If there are problems, then the community needs to work together to find solutions, not transfer to another site.

It is a shame that such an article was published. Ms. Klein did not do her research, and she printed untruths. To call the school "murder school," even if quoting from a yearbook, is irresponsible. To compare test scores of WHS to those of Marina is ludicrous. Test scores need to be compared among schools with the same socioeconomic makeup. When this is done, WHS scores very well.

Yes, Westminster High School is ethnically diverse. So is the city and so is the world. Ms. Klein, you say that your article was balanced. I beg to differ with you. As a resident of Westminster and a parent at Westminster High School, I am offended.



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