Walking the Wrong Path

I frequently ride the bike path in and around Balboa Park in Encino. While the path has clear and frequent signs saying, "Bike Path," there are only two warning signs, both at Balboa and Burbank boulevards. One says, "Bike Only" and the other, "Pedestrians, Roller Skaters, Skateboarders Prohibited."

The latter two signs are not posted where most people are. Consequently, there are numerous pedestrians walking on the bike path, some four abreast across the entire bike path. Roller skaters also use it. I see young children, often not holding their parents' hands, as well as dogs with and without leashes.

These pedestrians not only endanger the cyclists but also themselves. I have already witnessed one accident, largely due to pedestrians.

I have spoken to many of these pedestrians. While they are aware of the "Bike Path" designation, they seem to think this does not preclude pedestrians.

To avoid a serious accident and lawsuit against the city, many additional signs stating, "Pedestrian, Roller Skaters, Skateboarders Prohibited" must be posted.



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