Police Surprise Burglars Loading 3 Stolen Rigs


Police broke up what appeared to be a well-planned theft Saturday when they surprised burglars at a Radio Shack warehouse and chased two stolen big rigs to a nearby freeway where one man was arrested and two others escaped.

Garden Grove Lt. Chuck Gibbs said the thieves apparently stole the tractors first and then drove to the warehouse at 12821 Knott Ave., where they had hooked up the trailers sitting outside just before 5 a.m.

A third tractor was in the process of hitching on a trailer when police arrived. The driver fled on foot.


The other two big rigs were pulled over on the westbound Garden Grove Freeway, Gibbs said. Three men fled, one of whom was tracked down by a Cypress Police Department dog. He was arrested in a residential area.

Martin Cobarruvias, 25, of Santa Ana was booked on charges of grand theft, grand theft auto and burglary.

One of the trailers was empty, but the other held about $50,000 worth of radios and stereos. Each of the new truck tractors was valued at $65,000.

Gibbs said police continued the investigation to determine whether it is connected to other electronic thefts in the area.