Why Dodger Fans Don't Sit It Out

Two egregious conditions are alluded to in Mary Ann Hudson's excellent article on why fans leave Dodger Stadium early ("Take Them Out of the Ballgame," Part A, Aug. 12), but their importance was not fully brought out.

The ordinary Dodger fans are banished to the "nosebleed" levels or beyond the foul poles, while most of the best seats are occupied by those with only a fleeting interest in the game. This is crazy!

We need one of those ballot propositions to outlaw season tickets and require the Dodger organization to give all fans their rightful turn at the best seats. This would encourage the real Dodger fans to attend more often and stay longer.

Then let's have some outrage about those "secret exits." Imagine an airline having secret exits on its airplanes--this is almost as bad. It shows that the Dodger organization only cares about selling seats and overcharging for refreshments. Once they soak the fans, they could not care less about sufficient traffic control to help the fans leave the stadium and get on the freeways. Many leave early to avoid that horrifying chaos in the parking lot, rather than just "beating the traffic."

A lot of commuters go directly to the Dodger game from work. Why not start some weekday games at 6:45? I bet more people would stay until the end.

JIM ELDER, Calabasas

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