When You’re Feeling Saucy . . .


Spectacular Sauces Inc., P.O. Box 30010, Alexandria, Va. 22310. (800) 999-4949

Catalogue, $2, MasterCard, Visa

When I have my house I will suit myself


And have what I’ll call my “condiment shelf’

Filled with all manner of herbs and spice

Curry and chutney for meats and rice.

--Don Blanding, from his poem “Vagabond House”

Although most of us may never have an entire shelf devoted to condiments, most good cooks have at least one secret sauce hidden in the cupboard in case of an emergency.

If you’ve been searching for a secret sauce to call your own, you might want to know about Spectacular Sauces, a company that produces a 40-page catalogue devoted exclusively to sauces and condiments. Each is hand-selected and guaranteed to be the best of its kind; if you don’t agree, the company promises that you may return any product for replacement, refund or credit.

A few of the selections: all-natural rhubarb-ginger chutney (8 ounces for $5.39) from Carol’s Chutney, good on fish or chicken; red pesto (6.3 ounces for $9.29) from Ca de la Pasina, made from sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and extra-virgin olive oil, great tossed with pasta and freshly grated cheese; carrot jam (9.5 ounces for $5.89) from Rowena’s, and Wild Horse Sweet Red Pepper Relish (8.5 ounces for $5.99) from Robison Ranch in Walla Walla, Wash. This is a crimson concoction of sweet pickled pimentos and herbs and spices that will make you rethink relish.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for while browsing through the catalogue, give the company a call. After all, if you’re going to get sauced, it’s best to do it at home.