No "Uhs" About It

I must take exception to your less-than-subtle negative reference (America's Best, July 18) to the City of St. Louis when you state that the candy comes from " . . . uh, St. Louis, Mo." Why do you find it surprising that a large urban metropolis so rich in history and culture could produce an outstanding confection? This is a city of two and one half million people. We are quite civilized, some might even say sophisticated, and produce many quality products--confections included!

I would like to suggest that the next time you write about the origins of special foods you omit any derogatory references that might cast aspersions towards the proud citizens of these communities. While it is perfectly understandable to take pride in Los Angeles, it is hardly fitting to flaunt it by making pompous references to places you perceive as less worldly. Many people from multitudes of other cities and countries live in Los Angeles. They will not take kindly to your jaded comments either. Please , no more "Uhs!"


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