Warner Center Transit Line to Be Studied


Los Angeles City Council members Hal Bernson and Joy Picus asked city staff Friday to explore the possibility of helping a county agency buy a three-mile-long railroad line that runs from Canoga Park to Warner Center for use as a mass transit corridor.

The rail segment under study is owned by Southern Pacific railroad and has been priced at $23 million, Bernson said.

Under review is a plan for the city to join with the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission to buy track that runs parallel to Canoga Avenue from Sherman Way and then veers east to parallel Victory Boulevard in Warner Center.


The transportation commission already owns the portion of the same track that runs north from Sherman Way to Chatsworth where the city and the commission are already planning a commuter rail station.

Adding this second southern leg to the region’s inventory of transit properties could offer Moorpark and Simi Valley residents who work at Warner Center a way to commute to their jobs by rail, Bernson said.