BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : DODGERS : Strawberry, Samuel Don’t Get Picture

Unless the photograph is doctored, the official 1991 Dodger team picture will be missing two of its leading faces--Darryl Strawberry and Juan Samuel.

The two players did not show up for the 4 p.m. photo session Monday, which did not please Manager Tom Lasorda.

Strawberry’s absence will cause particular grief among the business types in the Dodgers’ front office, considering he is being paid $20.25 million to represent the team.

“I’m not making a big deal out of it, but they had to be here like everybody else,” said Lasorda, who expressed his dissatisfaction with each player individually. “I’m sure they just forgot about it, which can happen. But still. . . . “


Strawberry said he was at a holiday family barbecue.

“I did not remember about the picture until I walked in the clubhouse,” Strawberry said. “It’s kind of weird, doing it on a holiday, isn’t it? I know I should have been here, but what can I do?”

Strawberry said Lasorda did not fine him.

“If we just keep winning, I’m sure everything will be OK,” he said.


The team photographers may attempt to insert head shots of Strawberry and Samuel into the photo. If that doesn’t work, they will probably issue the photo without the players.

“They wouldn’t dare try to make all of us show up again to shoot it again,” said one Dodger veteran.

For John Wetteland, one of the best things about being recalled to the major leagues is that for the next month, he will not have to carry his luggage.

The only setback in Wetteland’s fine season at triple-A Albuquerque was a strained shoulder that began to bother him after carrying a heavy piece of luggage through an airport. After a 10-day rest, the shoulder felt fine.


“Just a freak thing, I guess,” he said. “In the minor leagues you carry your own luggage--and I’ve spent a lot of years carrying a lot of luggage.”

Among the five minor leaguers who joined the team Sunday, Wetteland is the one who could be the most tested. After being converted to a relief pitcher, he was 3-1 with 20 saves and a 1.21 earned-run average for Albuquerque in 37 relief appearances.

If he does well this month, the Dodgers may consider making him the bullpen stopper next season if they do not reach agreement with potential free agent Jay Howell.

Mike Scioscia was scratched from the starting lineup with a sore right arch, but trainers are also monitoring his right shoulder, which was bruised in a home plate collision Sunday. “We think the shoulder will be fine, but we want to look at it again (today),” said Dr. Ralph Gambardella, one of the Dodgers’ physicians.